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Discovering landscapes, culture, eno-gastronomic products, examples of eccellenze at the gates of Turin.

From the hills behind Superga, behind Superga, where enchanting landscapes and monuments lie, savoring cherries accompanied by a good glass of Freisa wine, visiting the studio of Felice Casorati or the splendid Vezzolano abbey.

To the cultivated plains from which there are houses and residences of Sabaude , with unusual museums of peasant culture.

From the Liberty style villas of the first Turin belt to enchanting villages with breath taking views. That's what's around Turin, but very few people know!

Abbazia di Santa Maria

Porto di Savona

Castello Vagnone

Turismo in Collina

Casa Martini

Cascina Gilli

Case della Giardiniera

Castello di Pralormo

La Cabalesta