Campo Ronco


We believe that "stealing" a cherry from the tree by a child is worth how much a lesson on cherries made in class!


A nursery show room with an elegant and functional equipped area surrounded by unusual games for your kids.


It’s very appropriate for agro-educational visits, birthday parties, grills, Sunday with friends, events in general, or just a place .


  • Campo Ronco Albero Rosso
  • Campo Ronco Area Feste
  • Campo Ronco Bruco
  • Campo Ronco Area Giochi Bambini
  • Campo Ronco Fiore
  • Campo Ronco Vivaio


The whole area, about 4000 mq, does not undergo any kind of chemical treatment.


All the fruits that our plants produce are available to those who come to visit us, especially for the little ones!

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