The Floriculture farm Belotti Gabriele was born in 2008 but has more than twenty years of experience in the care of grass carpets and in the management of green sports.


  • Ponte Campo Ronco
  • Giochi Bambini Campo Ronco
  • Area Feste Campo Ronco
  • Ape Campo Ronco
  • Panorama Campo Ronco
  • Vivaio Campo Ronco


We produce grass carpets on demand, and replenish ornamental shrubs. These products enable us to creat valuable gardens, paying attention to sustainability and biodiversity preservation.


In the nursery you can go to grodidactic visits, with the possibility to take advantage of the elegant area for birthdays, events or simply to read a book immersed in nature.


Since this year we have been promoting the local area with customized tours that unite the landscape, culture and prodotti excellence of Turin.

Abbazia di Santa Maria

Porto di Savona

Castello Vagnone

Turismo in Collina

Casa Martini

Cascina Gilli

Case della Giardiniera

Castello di Pralormo

La Cabalesta