“We didn’t inherit this land from our fathers,

we borrowed it from our children. Our duty is to give it back!”

(Chief Seattle)

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Discovering landscapes, culture, gourmet food on foot, by bike and by motorcycle or car.

Campo Ronco

A nursery showroom with an elegant and functional equipped area, ideal for agro-educational visits, for birthday parties, events or simply a place to read a book immersed in nature..


From our plants, strictly untreated, we produce natural jams and juices in limited quantities Ideal for a regalo gift or thought on at every turn.


All of this around Turin


Abbazia di Santa Maria

Porto di Savona

Castello Vagnone

Turismo in Collina

Casa Martini

Cascina Gilli

Case della Giardiniera

Castello di Pralormo

La Cabalesta